January 31, 2023

How to Get Cast in a Music Video: Tips from an Experienced Music Video Extra


If you’ve ever dreamed of appearing in a music video, you’re not alone. Music videos are a great way to get exposure and be part of something creative and exciting. But how do you go about getting cast in one? Here are some tips from an experienced music video extra on how to get cast in a music video.

1. Start networking. Make sure you’re connected with the right people in the music video industry. Follow directors, producers, and casting directors on social media and reach out to them with a polite introduction.

2. Attend casting calls. You can find casting calls for music videos listed on websites such as Backstage and Casting Networks. Make sure you show up on time and be prepared to answer questions about yourself.

3. Have professional photos taken. You’ll need a headshot and a full-length photo to use when submitting to casting calls. Make sure the photos are recent and reflect your current look.

4. Have a great attitude. Music video sets can be long and tiring, so make sure you bring a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard.

5. Be flexible. Music videos often require a lot of movement and improvisation, so be prepared to be flexible and take direction.

6. Research the artist. Before you attend a casting call, make sure you know who the artist is and what kind of music they make. This will help you be better prepared for the audition.

7. Have fun! Music videos are all about having a good time, so make sure you’re having fun and enjoying the experience.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to getting cast in a music video. Good luck!
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Source : Y2be Blog

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