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The most recent update was on October 28, 2021.

Here's what Y2be collects when you use its goods and services: how it's used, who it's shared with, and your privacy choices.



Kids' Privacy

We will collect your information.

Our Data Utilization

With Whom Do We Share Data?

Legal and Safety Warnings

Keeping Data

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Account and Video Confidentiality

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Information Security

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What we are and do

"Y2be", "we", "us", and "our" refer to, Inc. Our services include online video hosting, sharing, and related services through our owned and controlled websites, such as and, branded mobile and linked device applications, and embeddable video players.


Changes Acceptance

By registering, downloading, or using our services, you agree to our Terms of Service. We may update this privacy statement. We will update our Privacy Policy at If we make major changes to our privacy policy, we will notify registered users by email or other channels.


2. Kids' Privacy

We do not intentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 13. To use our services, you must be at least 16 years old or the age of majority in your jurisdiction. Minors may utilize our services only with the involvement of a parent or legal guardian. If you feel your child has supplied personal information to Y2be without your consent, please contact us at


3. The Data We Collect

Use of our services collects personal data. When you use our services, third parties may acquire information about you. Collected data may comprise personal identifying information as well as non-personal data. We call your data "your data" for short.


Account Details

You will need a valid email address and password to register. If you sign up and/or authenticate with a third-party account (e.g., Facebook, Google), you authorize us to access your account information.


Financial Data

A valid payment method may be required to make a purchase (e.g., a credit card or PayPal account). Our approved payment vendors will gather and process your payment information. In the normal course of business, we do not collect or store credit or debit card numbers. If we accept third-party purchases (i.e., in-app purchases), the third-party platform will charge your payment method.


Your name, address, and taxpayer identification number are required if you desire to sell things or make money from advertising through our services.


Your Content

You can upload films, text, photos, and artwork. Your account profile may contain information about you. Others may have access to this data. Others may view your videos and associated metadata (e.g., titles, closed captions, descriptions, tags, etc.). You can choose to hide your profile and videos. See Section 9 for details.


Others may see your comments, "likes," and poll responses during events like live streaming and webinars.


To create a video at your request, we may analyze photos or videos you upload using various approaches, including machine-learning algorithms. We may use facial-related information from your material to create a video for you. This data can be used to pinpoint a face inside a frame. Faces retain facial landmarks for 48 hours after video editing. We do not collect, use, or keep any facial-related information for reasons other than video creation.



You can also submit data using a video owner's or webinar host's capture form. This information is subject to both Y2be's and the video owner's privacy policies. Unless the video is owned by Y2be, the information you provide will not be used for direct marketing.


Additional Information

You may send us data to request customer service, participate in a study or survey, enter competitions or sweepstakes, apply for a job, or sign up for communications from us or other users.


This information was gathered automatically.

When you use our services, whether or not you have an account, we automatically gather certain data. Here are some examples: Your IP address, the web page you viewed or the search query you typed before coming to us (e.g., browser type, operating system, basic device information) Cookie tracking and similar technologies may be used. By using our services, you agree to our Cookie Policy.



We need your shipping address to deliver your orders.


Third-Party Data Collection

When you use our services, third parties may acquire data about you. This can be data you provide (such as payment details) or data obtained automatically (in the case of third-party analytics providers and advertising partners).


We may get data about you from third sources. We may mix such data with other data. For example, some advertisers or advertising networks may let us know what other online services you use, so we may target you with relevant adverts.


4. Data Utilization

We may use your data to:


We use your data to identify you when you log in.

Order processing, customer assistance, and other contractual obligations: We use your data to operate our services. We (or our third-party contractors) use your financial information to process your transactions and pay you earned amounts.

When we communicate with you, we use your data (e.g., when we respond to a customer support or other inquiry).

We utilize your data to better understand how our services are used and how they might be improved. Nous relies on aggregated data rather than individual user data. But sometimes we need to look at a specific situation to solve a problem (e.g., a bug that affects only a few accounts).

Personalization: We use your data to tailor our services to you. This may involve remembering your language or volume settings, or recommending videos based on your viewing habits.

We use your data to show you ads on third-party sites and track their impact.

Exercising our rights: We utilize your data to enforce our legal rights and prevent service misuse. This includes preventing fraud, spam, and content that violates our Terms of Service.

Legal compliance: We utilize your data as required by law. We may need to collect your data to comply with a court order or subpoena.

We may anonymize, backup, and delete data as needed.

Any of the following may be automated using algorithms.


The following legal basis applies whenever we process your data for one of these purposes:


contract performance

commercial interest

a legal obligation, or


If you want to know more about the balancing test Y2be used to establish its use of genuine interest as a legal basis for processing, see Section 15 for contact details.


5. With Whom Do We Share Data?

Here's how we exchange data with others:


You may advise us to make your profile and videos available to others. We may share your info with anyone you've given account access to.

We may share your data with third parties with your express consent.

A third-party vendor helps us operate our services, handle orders, and comply with your instructions and contractual obligations. Payment Processors: QA/T, Fraud and Abuse Prevention, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Shipping Vendors are examples of payment processors.

We may share your data with advertising partners to show you relevant ads and track their success.

We may share your data with analytics companies to better understand how customers use our services. We may also share identifiable analytics data with webinar hosts or users of your organization's account (see below for more details).

Affilates and advisors: We may share your data with affiliates and advisors for tax filings and legal compliance. We may share your data with our affiliates to deliver the services you ordered.

Certain legal situations: We may disclose your data to comply with a legal requirement or in conjunction with a corporate transaction (see Section 6).

Information that is not personally identifiable, such as the number of visitors or registered users, may be made public.

We do our best to vet vendors' privacy and data security practices. We require that our vendors protect our data.


Organizational Account

An organization's email address can be used to create a Y2be account (such as your work email address). As long as the organization has a direct link with us, they may convert your personal account into the organization's account.


Thus, the company may:


See your account's activity;

Take control of the account, including any content published before or after the organization switches your account to its account;

Delete it.

If you create a Y2be account using an organization's email address, Y2be may share your personal information (name and email address) with that organization. If you don't want an organization to have access to or control an account, create it with a personal email address rather than an organizational one.


6. Legal and Security Information

Official requests (e.g., court orders, subpoenas, search warrants, national security requests, etc.) may require us to release personal data. We refer police to our Law Enforcement Guidelines page.


We process US requests per US legislation. If the request comes from a foreign country, we usually comply if both US and local laws allow it. In such situations, we reserve the right to raise or waive any legal objection or right.


A person's life may be in danger if we divulge user data. For example, if we learn of a person contemplating suicide, we may share their data with organizations that can help.


We may share user data to investigate crimes. We report suspected child exploitation content to the NCMEC along with the uploader's info.


We may share user data if we or one of our users are sued. We may share a DMCA or other takedown notification with the affected user. The complainant may see your response if you contest the notification.


If our firm is bought in whole or in part, we may disclose your data to potential transaction partners, advisors, and others. Our efforts will be made to ensure that the purchasing entity follows this privacy policy.


7. Data Retention

We save your data as long as you are a member. We erase videos and content from accounts that are closed. Your email address, tax information, conversations with you, and transactional information may be retained for internal analytics and security purposes (for auditing, tax, and financial purposes). We erase or anonymize data when we no longer need it for commercial purposes.


We keep deleted movies on our servers in case you want to restore them. A video may be lost once it is deleted. If you previously made a movie public, it may be cached in a search engine's cache. We have no influence over search engines but will send deletion requests to major search engines upon request.


So long as we believe it is essential to comply with the legal process, we will keep your data. Similarly, if we suspect your account has been misused, we may keep your data to protect or enforce our rights.


Your Privacy Choices

We give you many options regarding your data:


You can refuse to give us certain information. You can opt out of creating an account or providing optional account information.

Your account and video privacy settings are editable. More details in Section 9.

You can update or correct the information you've given us. We invite you to update your data on your preferences page.

You can stop getting our commercial emails. More details in Section 10.

You can disable cookies. options in our cookie policy.

Backup your videos.

You can either terminate your account or delete specific videos.

Certain users may have additional rights. More details in Section 14.


9. Account and Video Security

Our services include limiting the circulation of your content, including videos. This section discusses your options.



Some of our online subscription plans allow you to "hide" or otherwise make your profile inaccessible. Those that have access to your account or content can still view your profile.



Some of our subscription levels allow you to provide others with account-level access. These people ("team members") may be able to see and change your data. Restrict or disable team member access at any moment.



You can control the privacy of your videos. Options on, for example, depend on your subscription level.


Your video will be made public.

Is it just me?Access will be granted to you and approved Team Members.

Select: It will be available to users you choose (such as users you follow or specifically-designated users).

Password-protected: Anyone with the password can view your video.

You can always adjust a video's privacy settings. Changes will be made going ahead.


You can generate a shareable link to your video to share it with others or embed it on a third-party website (including your own). Creating a shareable link overrides your privacy settings and allows anyone to access your movie without restriction. Similarly, posting your movie on a public website allows anyone to watch it regardless of your privacy settings.


Caution is advised when granting access to others (whether through link sharing or passwords).You lose control over the dissemination of your video once you give someone access to it. They may share the password or URL with others.


Y2be maintains the right to review your profile or videos for compliance with our terms of service, customer support, or technical difficulties.


ten. Communication


If you register with us, you may receive commercial emails. And offers, too. Commercial messages can be disabled in your account settings. This may take several days to process, and you will still receive transactional emails from us (e.g., confirming purchases and/or providing account information).


Messages sent through mobile

With your cooperation, we may send push notifications. You can reject them or change the app's settings. To the extent permitted, we may send SMS messages to your mobile phone for security and authentication purposes. You can unsubscribe at any time.


11th. Information Safety

We protect your data with physical, technical, and organizational security methods. Despite our attempts, no information system is 100% safe, so we cannot guarantee your information's security. Users must also protect their data. We strongly advise you not to share your account's password with anyone. You should only offer access rights to people you know and trust, and even then, be cautious. Regularly check your account. If you feel someone has accessed your account without your permission, please inform us right away.


12. Your Responsibilities

Our service may collect data from others. Other users' data must be processed in accordance with your privacy policy and all applicable laws, including those relating to privacy, data security, and online marketing.


Other Services

We may link to internet services we do not own or operate. In addition, we have no control over the data collected by these services. In some cases, clicking on an advertisement leads to the advertiser's website. Your data may be gathered once on a third-party site. Before utilizing such services, please review their privacy policies.


Our service may be used by third parties to send you offers. Use our apps on third-party platforms, for example, to watch a video embedded on a third-party site. This Privacy Policy does not cover any third-party sites or video players.


Specific Users

14.1 Data Storage

Y2be is an American company. We deliver services globally using US-based computer systems, servers, and databases. Our services are available worldwide, but your data may be transmitted to and processed in the US. You should be aware that US data protection and privacy regulations may not be comprehensive. Sections 14.2 and 14.3 below provide extra protection for residents of certain countries.


GDPR (European Union and United Kingdom Users)

Section 14.2 only applies to residents of the EEA and the UK (for the purpose of this section only, "you" or "your" shall be limited accordingly). Y2be adheres to the EEA's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR allows us to transmit personal data from the EU to the US (or other countries) based on the following legal basis:


We couldn't perform our services or meet our legal duties without sending your data to the US.

When applicable, we apply Standard Contractual Clauses (or "Model Clauses").

Access, correct, erase, restrict or object to our use of your personal information; be forgotten; port your data; and revoke consent. Our services enable the enjoyment of these rights (which we reserve the right to modify). Users can update their information, download videos, and cancel their accounts. We also respond to direct requests. We will try to respond within a month. Our ability to cooperate with certain requests may depend on whether or not they violate any laws or other people's rights. It's possible we'll ask for proof of identity. Requests will be processed free of charge unless they are excessive.


Please contact our Data Protection Officer at the address mentioned in Section 15. We will work with you to find a fair solution to any situation. You may also make a complaint with your jurisdiction's supervisory data protection body.



California residents can opt out of allowing third parties to directly promote their products and services under the "Shine the Light" statute. Currently, we do not make this type of disclosure.


Californians have the following rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA"), which they can exercise personally or through an authorized agent:


To Know. You have the right to know what personal information we collect, why we gather it, and who gets it. You can read more about our data collection, use, and disclosures here. You can also get a copy of your personal information. A 12-month term may be used to exercise this right.


Delete right You have the right to request that we erase part or all of your personal data. Typically, deleting all data means deleting your account and all information, including videos. While we may preserve information to provide you with requested services, process transactions, honor opt-outs, prevent fraud, spam and other misuse, comply with legal requirements and law enforcement requests, and exercise and defend our rights, You can use this form to delete it.


No Sale. You have the right to refuse to have your personal information sold and to know whether we have sold it in the last year. Using our services may constitute a sale under the CCPA. You can opt out by using the link on the page or app. We don't provide an opt-out since we don't believe your personal information is being sold.


Non-Discrimination We won't treat you unfairly if you exercise your rights here.


To exercise your right to know and to remove, we must first authenticate your identity as the account owner. Until then, we may be unable to fulfill your request. Generally, we authenticate identity by checking the email address linked with the account. An authorized agent submitting a request on your behalf must also have access to the account's email address and proof of your authorization. If you don't have a Y2be account, we may be unable to locate the necessary information to execute your request.


14,4 Nevadans

Nevada residents can refuse to sell some "covered information" gathered by online service providers. We do not now sell covered information and do not intend to do so in the future. To be notified if we intend to sell personal information protected by the Act in the future, please provide your name and email address here. We are not bound to cross-reference other emails you may have provided us for other purposes. In case our plans change, we will notify you. Our team will next develop a mechanism for verifying your identification and completing your opt-out. Please read this Privacy Policy to learn more about our data practices. A Nevada do not sell request will not affect our ability to share your data as described in this privacy policy.